Stierbach Baronial Birthday and Investiture (June 2017)

Peer Review:
Bring your work in progress, your “thesis” project that keeps growing, that project that has you stuck. Receive feedback like that which you’d receive in a competition, but here, everyone is a winner! Tokens are encouraged. Feedback forms will be provided, but please bring a notebook to accompany your submission. Draft documentation strongly encouraged.

German Landsknecht Competition:
Entries for this competition may include ANY item that a Landsknecht would need on their travels. In addition to usual judging criteria (such as documentation and construction), entries will be judged on their usefulness and creativity.

Judging criteria:

Adherence to the theme: max 5 points

Design and Construction: max 10 points

Documentation: max 10 points

Creativity: max 5 points

Usefulness of the object to a traveling Landsknecht: max 10 points


Lady Esa inghean Donnchaidh
scott [dot] rachel anne [at] gmail [dot] com


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