Everything Else: 2019 Part 1

I’ve been busy this spring and early summer! I taught a few classes, I displayed some of my research, and I moved to my new resident barony, Caer Mear.

I served as Games Coordinator at the Coronation of Adlhait and Christoph, and that was an adventure! I had the distinct joy and privilege of watching children, adults, Peers, and newcomers laughing, playing, and engaging together on the Games field. Thank you for being you, Atlantia! I was also honored at this event with receiving my Pearl.  It was an absolute dream the way this award was presented to me, and I am both humbled and grateful for the wonderful people in my life.  My grandlaurel, Duchess Mel, even spoke.  I could not have asked for more.  I even got the kind of scroll that makes all my friends jealous.  It was more than I ever imagined.

I was super stoked to donate menstrual supplies to a Period Heroes themed gift basket for TRMs of the Mid in celebration of their Kingdom’s 50th! I went with Atlantian blue for the handmade bags. 💙 This and a collection of other products was presented last month at the 50th Birthday event!

Back in Atlantia, I’ve been having fun with my “Summer of Underpants” as I walk through my outdoor SCA events in period underwear! I have also been having a great time watching Period Heroes expand and reach new places and events.



Saving the best for last… I recently found out that I will represent the Kingdom of Atlantia as the Kingdom A&S Champion at Pennsic this year! Being a Champion is something I have long aspired to do, but never thought my weird vagina science would inspire a baronage or royal to ask me to represent them.  This is a HUGE honor, and I only hope to make my Kingdom and my Queen proud.

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