My A&S spans many facets of  Ancient and Medieval Women’s Studies. My primary focus is medieval gynecology, but I also enjoy side quests into the medieval persecution of witches, housewifery, midwifery, sex work, single women, marginalized women, country women, and recreating an Iron Age Orcadian woman through the continued development of my persona.  If you’d like to explore some of my work, check out my class handouts, blog, or website: The Medieval Gynecologist.

Provoke the Menses: An Interpretation of Medieval Gynecology 

But to Foule Lust and Likynge of Lecherye: An exploration of the dangerous medical conditions of Lust and Pleasure as found in women of the middle ages.

A Good Constrictive So That They May Appear As Though They Were Virgins: An Interpretation of Medieval Gynecology 

A Collection of Medicinal Infusions: An Interpretation of Sixteenth Century English Medicine