Class Notes: Be Dynamic! A Hafla Primer (KWDMS)

Disclaimer: Eastern Dance, as the sources exist today, is left open to broad interpretation based on artwork from the period.  Short of something akin to Playford's 1651 The English Dance Master, we are left with snapshots in time to interpret a moving, ethereal, and DYNAMIC performance medium.  It is because of this lack of notes … Continue reading Class Notes: Be Dynamic! A Hafla Primer (KWDMS)


Class Handouts: Atlantian Summer University 2015

Magick or Medicine. traditional herbalism in the middle ages Page's Academy Class: Magick or Medicine examines the spiritual aspects of medicine in Anglo-Saxon culture theres a tea for that.hydrosols in traditional herbalism There's a Tea for That: medicinal hydrosols in traditional herbalism.  Aka. a very SCAdian tea party 🙂

Class Handouts: Winter University 2015, Atlantian University, no.89

Herbal Infusions for Beginners This course reviews various forms of infusions from start to finish: Gathering your tools, preparing your herbs, and various infusion methods that are simple and effective.


Class Handouts: Fall University 2015, Atlantian University, no. 91

Preserving Herbs- I grew an herb garden now what Uni no. 91 So you've grown your herbs... now what? This class introduces you to the next steps in culinary and medicinal herb preparation and preservation. Use what you have Newcomer Track A Newcomer roundtable for old and new SCAdians alike!  Nicknamed "SCA hacks" during class, … Continue reading Class Handouts: Fall University 2015, Atlantian University, no. 91


Upcoming Summer University

Greetings once again!  I am pulling books to take to the Wakefield School Demo tomorrow, where I will be talking to the kids about herbal medicine, and sort of treating it like a very rough trial run of the Page's Academy class I'm teaching at University in June. This will be my first Page's Academy … Continue reading Upcoming Summer University