War of the Wings (proposed)

  • Herbal Infusions in late period British Isles: Methods and Uses
    • Medicinal infusion recipes and applications taken from period documents of fifteenth and sixteenth century British Isles. This class will examine the period documentation, as well as some modern variations to make these products more accessible and user-friendly for beginner herbalists. The class includes a demonstration. Any students who wish to bring their own vessel may take some of the demo product with them.
  • Beyond the Malleus Maleficarum; an examination of medieval witchcraft through period documents
    • This class moves beyond Kramer and Sprenger, diving deeper into regional documentation, church manuals, court records, and what all of this meant for working class peasants in medieval Europe. Adult content.  Recommended for age 16 and up, all minors should be accompanied by an adult. 

Pennsic University, Pennsic 46 (2017), Known World

  • Herbalism of North Africa

Known World Dance and Music Symposium, 15-18 June 2017, Known World

Atlantian University, #94, 16 September 2016, Kingdom of Atlantia

Atlantian University, #91, 19 September 2015, Kingdom of Atlantia

Atlantian University #90, 13 June 2015, Kingdom of Atlantia

Atlantian University #89, 7 February 2015, Kingdom of Atlantia

Peasant’s Revolt, 22-24 August 2014, Shire of Canthanar, Kingdom of Atlantia