Women’s Health

To begin then with one of the most principal virtues which doth belong to our English housewife; you shall understand that sith the preservation and care of the family touching their health and soundness of body consisteth most in her diligence, it is meet that she have a physical kind of knowledge; how to administer many wholesome receipts or medicines for the good of their healths, as well to prevent the first occasion of sickness as to take away the effects and evil of the same when it hath made seizure on the body…for the curing of those ordinary sicknesses which daily perturb the health of men and women.    (Markham, 1615)

In the following pages, I explore women’s health and women’s role within medieval medicine through the topics of Midwiferie, Gynecology, and the Pharmacology specific to Housewife Manuals.

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16th Century Tudor English Medicine as presented by Gervase Markham