To support my scholastic endeavors, consider a gift of knowledge.  Follow the link to Esa’s Amazon Wish List where you may purchase a book (or two) and have them shipped directly to her.  Both new and used books are appreciated just the same.  Books received will become available to others via private loan or through the Courtesan Library/Book Share.

My Book List

Currently seeking: Menstruation, A Cultural History

Patrons may also make donations directly, which are used to offset the cost of printed materials and handouts, visual aids, display supplies, and travel to and from Universities.


Venus of Atlantia

As a Courtesan within the SCA, I am alternatively known as Venus of Atlantia. The persona of Venus is inspired by Aphrodite, the ocean, sapphic love, and living deliciously.  Patrons of all genders are welcome.


Likes:  depictions of unicorns and woodland creatures, flowers of all varieties, and pearls.

Dislikes:  smoking, lecherous men, and sloppy drunks with poor manners.

Offerings: Please no food offerings due to severe food allergies.  Fine essential oils, red wine, and gin make for good alternatives.