None madame can be a candidate with you for this dedication, tis your Lordship alone ha’s passed all the forms, and classes in this school, what delights you give, and with what eagerness you perform your fucking exercises is sufficiently know to the many have enjoyed you, for Madam like the Supreame Powers have such a communicative goodness, mas you scorn monopolizing your cut to a single keeper, but have generously refused no man a kindness who desired it, having often been heard to say ’twas not in your nature to deny satisfaction to a standing prick into a cunt, but the well managing of a fuck makes the Summum Bonum (“highest good”).  Tell not me therefore of Messalina, what though she was enjoyed by fourty or fifty men in ma day, if your Ladyship could command as many bodies as you have had pintles (“penises”) between your legs, you might lead as great an Army as Xerxes did into Greece, or if a Pyramide of those standing tarses (“penises”) your cunt hath subdued were to be erected, by the Persian sophy in Spahaune, under your patronage there fore this book comes abroad, and if it have your approbation I care not if other Ladies dislike it, Favorably there fore receive this Dedication from, Madame, your most humble servant. (The School of Venus or The Ladies Delight, reduced to rules of practice anno 1680)

Reader, please note: I am in the early stages of compiling research on working class prostitutes in period.  I am especially focused on British prostitution, brothels, and “whores” as legally defined in Britain during period.  There is much more coming soon! Thank you in advance for your patience.