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Hello and welcome to my very SCAdian blog.  In these pages, you will find copies of class handouts, various A&S projects and displays, and updates here and there on my goings-on in the SCA. If you’d like to explore more of my research, please visit my blog, Vaginamancy.

My SCAdian affiliations include: Clan Oldcastle, Free Company of St. Lawrence, Period Heroes, Knowne World Courtesans, and Haus zum Drache.  I am also a fellow of the Atlantian University, and a resident of the Barony of Caer Mear (while my home barony, the Barony of Stierbach, still holds a piece of my heart) in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Lady Esa inghean Donnchaidh on the OP

Lady Esa’s SCA Resume

My persona is Lady Esa inghean Donnchaidh (Gaelic, daughter of a nobleman), who hails from the Scottish Highlands; specifically the lands of Morvern along the coast of the Sound of Linnhe in the west.

It is now the fourteenth century, and Esa is forging a life as a single country woman of modest means in Kiel Parish where she is the resident midwife.  As such, Esa has become all too familiar with the ecclesiastical courts as they increase pressure on the midwives for fears of folk healing and malleficium, both of which are crimes punishable by banishment or death.  The economic climate in fourteenth century Britain has created a boom of job opportunities for women following the devastating Black Plague, and Esa works her monthly shifts in the stews of Winchester, as is common, while picking up work locally in midwiferie.

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Mundanely known as Rachel Scott, I reside in the greater Richmond, Virginia area with my Champion and my two familiars, Salem and Agnes.  I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii, and a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.