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Dirty Harlot (a collection of prostitution as it relates to my persona)

Taken from a Blog Post on Medieval Brothels :  Content Warning- SWERF* Author In the early Middle Ages, after the breakdown of Roman urban civilization, there is very little sign of prostitution, probably because the culture was so overwhelmingly rural.  However, when medieval cities began to grow in the eleventh century, prostitution grew with them....The organized church… Continue reading Dirty Harlot (a collection of prostitution as it relates to my persona)

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Class Notes: Be Dynamic! A Hafla Primer (KWDMS)

Disclaimer: Eastern Dance, as the sources exist today, is left open to broad interpretation based on artwork from the period.  Short of something akin to Playford's 1651 The English Dance Master, we are left with snapshots in time to interpret a moving, ethereal, and DYNAMIC performance medium.  It is because of this lack of notes… Continue reading Class Notes: Be Dynamic! A Hafla Primer (KWDMS)

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An Incomplete “Complete Resources List”

Below you’ll find an incomplete "Complete Resource List," organized by my two primary research interests: (1) Witches; Witch Hunts / Trials; Occult Beliefs and Practices of the British Isles (2)  Herbalism / Medieval Medicine Note: Many books will be listed twice, under both headings, where and when they overlap both categories. This list is a work in progress, so… Continue reading An Incomplete “Complete Resources List”

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Medieval Witchcraft Period Sources

Period Sources on Witchcraft, Demonology, and the Occult This is when I wish I could read Latin..... (1599-1600) Magicarum Disquisitionum (in three tomes) by del Rio Available here: Martin del Rio from Wikipedia:  Martinus Antonius Delrio, Martín Antonio del Río, or Martin Antoine del Rio (17 May 1551, Antwerp – 19 October 1608, Leuven)… Continue reading Medieval Witchcraft Period Sources