About Me

Hi, I’m Esa.  I reside in the Barony of Caer Mear, in the Kingdom of Atlantia. You can find me Here, on the OP, or my SCAdian resume here, on the Atlantian Wiki.  My persona is late Iron Age Orcadian (ie, the Northern Scottish islands of Orkney from the turn of the common era through approx 600 CE). In my exploration and development of that persona, I can often be found impersonating a broch-dwelling-peplos-wearing enemy of Rome, a brightly decorated Pict, or sometimes, a Romano-British lady about Londinium. 

In addition to the Late Iron Age British Isles, my A&S endeavors explore women’s health from the ancient world to the middle ages, with special emphasis on menstruation.  If you’d like to check out some of my work, click on the “Media” link in the header, or visit my website, The Medieval Gynecologist. 

I am currently serving the Society as the Women’s Studies Deputy to the Society’s Minister of Arts and Sciences. My role is to check out the amazing work that our members are doing in the area of women’s studies society wide, and then increase their visibility to Royals, Arts and Sciences officers, and Orders of Merit.

celtified arms

My heraldry is inspired by the medieval “love loaves” and other food magic, and the persecution of women that beliefs like these incited. We may make light of absurd tragedy, but let us never forget.   The desperate mistress was condemned for using magic to incite love. Successes were claimed to have been accomplished by her serving a man bread she had kneaded with her buttocks or a fish she had previously inserted into her vagina.”  -From the Buchard of Worms, as quoted in McLaren’s History of Contraception (pg.85).